Are You on the List?

Introducing a list of Substacks and Substackers on Twitter

Twitter and Substack go together like … help me out here. In any event, Substack thinks they go together. Twitter may have other ideas after buying Revue, but still…

Substack asks you to connect or provide your Twitter handle when you sign up. It allows you to find Substackers among the Twitter accounts you follow. Apparently, it even has a behind-the-scenes score based on Twitter activity to determine a promising Substacker.

Many Substack newsletters and creators have Twitter accounts. At least two creators have assembled Substack-related accounts into lists: Substack fiction writers (by Elle Griffin) and Substack Local 2021 (by Gaia Passarelli). The lists allow you to link to the list members’ accounts and see their tweets in a list-specific timeline. And you can pin lists for easier access (on mobile and desktop).

Inspired by these lists, I’ve decided to compile a list of Substacks and Substackers on Twitter. I’ve added 100 Twitter accounts so far. I’ll aim for at least 1000. I believe 5000 is the limit for a Twitter list; I hope to get there soon…

I’m including Twitter accounts associated with Substack newsletters that have published recently – say, in the past two months. (Obviously, that will change over time, so I’ll eventually add Twitter accounts for newly active Substacks and subtract inactive ones.)

I won’t catch ‘em all. New newsletters are launched all the time. Some Substackers don’t indicate that their Twitter accounts are related to their newsletters.

Some Substackers prefer Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. If you’re a paid subscriber, I can track down accounts on those services as well.

I hope this Twitter list is useful to you! Please leave a comment or email me if you think I should add particular accounts to the list.

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