My Dream Is Dying

Please help me to save it 🙏

Before you get worried: I am not dying. (Then someone shouts, “Look out for that meteor!” 😲😉)

My next few months could be psychologically painful, a bit humiliating, etc. It's hard to ask for money and admit I haven't made enough of it.

I'll get through it, even if it's tough.

But I could use your help.

My dream is dying.

My dream is essentially to help people as a career while supporting my family. I believe I can help people in general through words, information, ideas, empathy, humor, even art. I believe I can help my family best by working from home/remotely.

There are many things I can do well. I graduated Harvard College and Harvard Law School, practiced law for five years, and worked for over a decade as law librarian. I can write this newsletter.

But I haven't yet been great at money-making or marketing. I have tried a few projects to make money as a creator, including the one you're reading now. But it hasn't been sufficient.

You might ask, “How can you help people if you can't help yourself?” Ironic, isn't it? 🤔

Well, I figure no one is good at everything. I need help as much as the next person. But everyone, including me, can help in some ways.

There are things I can't do well. But I can provide information and inspiration to people who can do them.

You might also ask, “Why should I care? People have problems, people have dreams – what makes you so special?"

Whatever caused you to read this newsletter is what might make you care. No one is more special than anyone else. Still, we do care about some people. You don’t have to care about me. But maybe you care because you see I'm seeking to help people deal with their problems and fulfill their dreams.

If you've seen this newsletter recently, you'll know I'm concerned about the economic situation of content creators in general. Like some other creators, I’ve looked to NFTs as a solution.

More generally, 2021 is a time when the need for help seems more apparent. The world is reeling from the pandemic, climate change, disinformation, etc. In the US, the “Great Resignation” is occurring; many people are seeking better work lives.

By working on this newsletter, and recently by learning about NFTs and crypto, I’m developing more of a sense of the ways forward, and what we can do to help each other.

But I must attend to practical matters soon, which requires money.

I've sold my first NFT: for about $200! So I’ve created more like it. If I can sell NFTs regularly, that might suffice in combination with newsletter subscriptions.

Perhaps I could apply to work or contract for Substack, since I've gained relevant knowledge working on this Substack about Substack. Ideally the job would fit with my dream.

Or I could find another job. Dream jobs are few and far between. Whatever the job might be, if I agree to it, I’d commit to it. Between work and family responsibilities, realistically there wouldn’t be enough time to pursue a dream on the side.

How you can help

In sum, to help people, I need your help:

  1. Of course, a paid subscription to this newsletter is welcome. If I have to pause or stop the newsletter, you won't have to pay for long. If I continue on, you can continue subscribing if you'd like. (Incidentally, you might also follow my updates on Twitter.)

  2. You can buy an NFT. That might be the best thing you can do for my psyche right now. While I’ve recently advertised one collection, you can make an offer or purchase from any of them (may I suggest “NFTs of the Absurd”?), or request something for me to make for you!

  3. You can share this post, this newsletter, and/or my NFT projects. (You may have noticed that NFTs are even hotter than newsletters at the moment. Mine are reasonably priced and don’t have Ethereum fees. Your friends or followers with interest in crypto might find my NFTs enjoyable, worth supporting, and even profitable. And they'll also be supporting this newsletter and a dream. 😃)


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