New Newsletters from February and Early March (Part 3 of 3)

Links to 35 new Substack newsletters!

This week, I'm posting three sets of newsletter links and descriptions. Each set will list 35 newsletters.

These newsletters had their first non-introductory post on Substack in February or the first week of March, 2021.

I hope you will subscribe to some of these new newsletters!

Reena Makes Lists: “Arts journalist Reena Devi on news of the week, art world disruption and cultural miscellanea”

Ritual of the Golden Witch: “Writing to avoid death”

Roman: “Musings of Roman, the host of Morning Shot.”

SciSchmooze: “Weekly summary of the best science events in the Bay Area”

Schweppe's Top 5: “Politics, Policy, Culture, Sports and Investing”

The Seed Newsletter: “Growing ideas through seeds of information.”

Sencha "The Tea" Newsletter: “Recent Financial Drama”

SHUBHAM’s Newsletter: “We share daily insights and strategies on how we are helping our members, at Digital Success Mastermind to take the high converting Digital Strategies and apply them to their Business for Rapid Growth!”

Since No One Asked: “Food stories, nostalgia and recipes-not-recipes. Expect dreamy food mems, plenty of pasta, anonymous love letters to toxic exes and a lot of chat about how much I love butter.”

The Ski Phoenix: “A Substack foray into skiing, for skiers by a skier. Trying to bring vitality back to skiing through storytelling.”

SMM Official Mail: “Get a fresh revelation each week! Stay spiritually alert with what's happening around the world, and how God's moving.”

The Solace Project: “Art and Nature change my mind.”

Sounds Good!: “Music, Movies, Books...the good stuff!”

The Status Kuo: “News, Law, Analysis, and Strong Opinions.”

Steve Austin's Hiding in the Pews Newsletter: “Steve Austin was a pastor when he nearly died by suicide. These days, Steve spends his time shining a light on mental illness in the church, helping people embrace vulnerability, and discover a God of unconditional love.”

Strategy in Praxis: “Incoherent ramblings about complexity-coherent strategy.”

Sub Stock's Substack: A Saturday Letter: “There's always free cheddar in the mousetrap!”

Tableau Jobs: “Every week we being you the hottest Tableau jobs. No agencies, no aggregators just top Tableau jobs!”

Technically Food: “A weekly newsletter about the intersection of food and technology, and what that means for people who love food, make food, and want to know what they're eating.”

That's Weird: “Essays, lists, love letters, deep dives, and more on our not-so-guilty pleasures.”

This Might Resonate by Emily Bazalgette: “What I'm reading, cooking and thinking about”

ThisIsBartRick’s GUH Daily Recap: “A daily recap of the US and european markets news and my thoughts on it, some dd on biotech/R&D companies and a monthly long-form article for my paying subscribers.”

Top Shot Insights: “Daily insight on NBA Top Shot Moments and NFTs.”

Unfamiliar Letters: “Religion, literature, the higher learning in America.”

The Unraveling: “In a time of breakneck media change, it's not just the industry and the news that's changing. We are changed as well. A weekly brainpurge that will cover current media issues and internet culture with a mix of theory, scholarship, and practice.”

usaha mencari tahu: “‘Freedom is not a secret. It’s a practice.’ — Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Weekly diary: “Reflections on my life, working as an assistant in a chapel.”

What If We: “What if we shared the beautiful, brief, genre-busting writings by Michael Kerschner? Subscribe to read a variety of music criticism, short fiction, poetry, and autobiographical essays ranging from the hilarious to the gut-wrenching.”

What to Watch With Kate Casey: “Unscripted TV: Reality Shows, Documentaries, and Documentaries”

What's up Asia!: “Faire le pont entre l'Asie et l'Europe.”

The Wonder Report: “Chasing wonder wherever I can find it | by Charity Singleton Craig”

WorkLifeNews: “Wellbeing, Productivity, Effectiveness.”

Wot I Learned This Week: “A newsletter full of interesting.”

Wrong Side of History: “It's Ed West's sub stack”

Your Favorite Prof: “Teaching.Fast Food.Popular Culture.Current Events. Not always in that order.”

For a conclusion to this post, I looked to Twitter for inspiration. The GIF I found carries a lesson for new Substack newsletters: attract your audience’s attention – and, if all else fails, try mind control. 😉