New Newsletters! (part 4 of 6)

Links to 50 new Substack newsletters

This week, I'm posting links to and descriptions for 50 newsletters each day.

These newsletters had their first non-introductory post on Substack from January 20 to February 19, 2021.

I hope you will subscribe to some of these new newsletters!

La Versione di Banfi: “Rassegna veloce della stampa e non solo”

Ladrones de Negocios: “Robos y aprendizajes de los mejores negocios del mundo.”

Lavictoire FC - Newsletter: “Helping you find your space in football”

Lazzy Ventures: “Про стартапы, инвестиции и всё вот это”

Leer por leer: “Leo novelas, ficción, no ficción, biografías... Leo mucho dramón y mucho menos comedia de lo que me gustaría. Leo sin complejos y sin buscar nada. Y me encuentro de todo. También escribo. Pero poco.”

The Legal Submission Newsletter: “The business and legal happenings in combat sports”

Liber Liber Rex: “Philosophy, memetics, and culture.”

Life Hack Newsletter: “All you need to know about career growth and life.”

The Life n' Times of SANCTUCOMPU: “The most transparent and open source studio practice on this here green planet”

Limns: “Every two weeks we explore a single word through photography, etymology, and philosophical musings.”

Liturgy and Calligraphy - LENT 2021: “Daily custom artwork and devotional for Lent 2021”

Lluvia y Goles: “A newsletter about the sublime highs and pitiful lows of South American football.”

Lorem Ipsum: “A newsletter on what's (un)cool and why”

Lucky Loser: “Una newsletter sul tennis”

Macro Market Musings: “What macro market trends are and (hopefully) why.”

Madness and Other Necessities: “Overthought ideas on current events, politics, science, philosophy, economics and more”

Magda liest. Und liest. Und liest.: “Was ich gelesen habe. Und gerade lese. Und noch lesen will. Was Ihr auch mal lesen könntet.”

Magic + Loss

Make it in Ukraine: IT and Digital Content Digest: “Топ контент, події тижня, вакансії тощо. Make it in Ukraine - це платформа для талантів №1 в Україні. Навчайся, зростай і знаходь віддалену роботу в компанії мрії. З нами вже понад 5000 талантів, приєднуйся!”

Making it Work: “Recommendations for kids, musings for parents, trying to stay sane.”

Man erwäge...: “Man erwäge - Politisches und Philosophisches; kommentiert aus der Sicht eines konservativen Ironikers.”

MandoLessons Newsletter: “Keep up with all things MandoLessons”

The Marshall Goldsmith Newsletter: “Practical and Proven Methods for Leaders”

Martini with a Twist: “An idiosyncratic and irreverent look at books, podcasts, and television written by an idiosyncratic and irreverent middle-aged white woman who cannot resist a pun on her last name.”

The Means of Deduction: “Discussions about politics by leftist philosophers, with a focus on Marxism and Anarcho-communism.”

Mentes con estilo propio: “Únete al viaje que parte desde las raíces de la sabiduría tradicional hasta la libertad de tu pensamiento.”

Metsakosmos: “Kirjutan elukeskkonna hoidmisest külast kosmoseni, kliimamuutusest meie peades ning aegruumi ja teadvuse müsteeriumitest.”

Mindfulness Newsletter: “A life lived mindful.”

Mindset Shifts: “Awareness of your mindset is the portal to change”

Mission InspirEd Newsletter: “A community newsletter bringing the latest learning opportunities to 800+ students and parents!”

MLPguy Week Thoughts: “Weekly updates on Midstream stocks and MLPs, including stock action, transaction news and commentary.”

Monday Morning Economist: “A newsletter about economics education.”

museuly’s Inspirational Newsletter: “Best inspirational quotes”

My latest work and analysis on China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia: “Current Developments in China, Taiwan, US-China relations and what it means for Asia”

nemus obscurum: “philology, philosophy, politics”

Nerina Pallot Newsletter: “Dispatches from my brain”

New Era Sens: “New Era Sens is an Ottawa Senators themed blog. Subscribe now for all your news, updates and analysis.”

New Vila Equity Research: “Analysis of Microcaps”

Newsletter BtoB de SensCritique : Pilule Rouge: “Cinema”

Next Level Nonprofit Marketing: “Nonprofit Marketing News, Tips, & Strategies”

Nick’s Newsletter: “Things you didn't realise matter...”

Nicola’s Newsletter: “Thoughts on writing, philosophy, theory”

The Ninety Three Twenty Newsletter by Anis: “Anis analyses current topics and trends across football, matches and individual players - all from a Manchester City perspective.”

Nomad Hacker by Anthony Avedissian: “A weekly roundup of the best hacks, tools and insights from my digital nomad journey”

nonfiction book club: “Join Nicole and me every second Saturday on YouTube to talk about nonfiction! Info about when and where and what are down below, and subscribe to get updates sent directly to you.”

Norbert’s Newsletter für Veränderung: “Die Natur ist nicht zentralisiert”

NOT.SPACE: “A newsletter about science fiction, dystopia, and politics.”

Oh Dear Parenthood: “A newsletter centering on thoughts about pregnancy, loss, and life after both.”

OK, Now What?: “On becoming a parent for the first time.”

Ómós Digest: “Collecting and sharing food stories, recipes, and knowledge from our growing community.”

I don’t know whether any of the new Substackers are named “Frank.” But I’d say they have indeed joined the Substack “revolution” (as newsletter publishers, not employees). 🙂