New Newsletters! (part 6 of 6)

Links to 50 new Substack newsletters

This week, I'm posting links to and descriptions for 50 newsletters each day.

These newsletters had their first non-introductory post on Substack from January 20 to February 19, 2021.

I hope you will subscribe to some of these new newsletters!

Software Design: Tidy First?: “Software design is an exercise in human relationships.”

Southern Belle: “Essays about the South and Jesus + Talk about books and writing”

The Status Kuo: “News, Law, Analysis, and Strong Opinions.

Steady: “Hopefully we can build a safe harbor amidst a sea of noise. Please join me.”

Street Smart Naturalist: Notes on People, Place, and the PNW: “Stories about the Pacific Northwest, its People, Flora, and Fauna”

The Subscriptions Playbook 📘: “Modelos de suscripción ⚡ para Start-ups y Emprendedores 👩‍🚀”

Surviving Comfort: “Book reviews, ramblings on literature, philosophy, nature”

The Sweaty Startup: “Real estate, small business and personal development.”

SWIRL: “Your new Monday morning must-read — how tech, business, and politics swirl together and what it means for us.”

Tamil Brahmin's Newsletter: “All the latest updates and downloads from the website.”

Tank Talks: “Tank Talks Podcast is hosted by Matt Cohen of Ripple Ventures, a fund that leads early stage investments in b2b software.”

Te cuento: “Los 3 trending topics de mi semana: relatos y recomendaciones.”

Tendy Town: “A newsletter tracking retail investment subcultures”

Tese’s Newsletter: “Subscribe for monthly book reviews and for all things design related”

Thirsty Thoughts: “This newsletter has everything: weekly essays, sexy wine recommendations, memes, and big feelings. You DON'T want to miss it.”

Thomas Sheridan - Our Different Levels of Dead: “Stepping into Consciousness, the Occult, Ancient Mysteries and Mind Control The Analog Life within the Digital Existence”

Thursday Night Bulwark: “Political analysis and reporting. No partisan loyalties. No tribal prejudices.”

Tiempos modernos: “La newsletter de análisis político de Eduardo Bayón.”

The TILT: “The #bullish bridge between global tech and New Zealand”

Timothy’s Column: “Daily excerpts from Romantic-era poetry and bite-size literary criticism to boot.”

Today in Digital Marketing: “EVERY WEEKDAY, get an easily-digestible news brief covering everything you missed from the world of digital marketing, social media, SEO, and online advertising.”

Tony Randy: “Tony Randy loves helping couples repair and fix their troubled relationships.”

Too Fat to Fly: “The gruesome & wonderfully unglamorous 9-month journey of pregnancy - waddle aboard!

Trading & Blockchain: “Aquí conectamos a la comunidad de inversores con las historias de cómo los mercados de capitales están evolucionando y se están transformando en esta era digital”

The Transgender Gadfly: “LGBTQ commentary on current events, cultural criticism, and capital "Q" Queer philosophy.”

The Two Fisted Homeopape: “The writing and meandering brain of Ryan K Lindsay”

TX Votes' Civic Notes: “Interested in a bi-weekly nonpartisan digest of civic engagement information, opportunities, and news? Subscribe today!”

unsolicited existence: “all things existence by alejandra smits”

Unsubscribe Now!: “A mish-mash of Pop Culture and Human Resources”

US- China Series: “The Future of the US-China Tech and Investment Relationship”

Utopia Educators on SubStack: “The Hottest Knowledge from Universe and Earth.”

The Vajenda: “Imagine a Venn diagram with overlapping circles labeled: Medical Facts, Feminism, and Fire. You've arrived at their intersection.”

The Vanguard: “The Vanguard's Blog”

Venture Upward: “A field guide for surviving, getting ahead, and succeeding as a venture capitalist.”

Vivre Autrement en Communauté: “Communities : la newsletter qui partage le mode de vie en communauté. C'est quoi une communauté ? Comment constituer sa communauté ? Qu'est-ce qui fait la colle de la communauté ? C'est ici que ça se passe !”

wael@: “Various thoughts at the intersection of product building and amateur philosophy.”

Wall Street Explainer: “Simple, crisp, and to-the-point explanations on major Wall Street events.”

WallStreetBets Daily: “Data-driven insights from WallStreetBets discussion”

Web of Debt: “Latest thoughts about money, banking, and our financial system.”

Wendy’s Whitepaper: “Wendy’s Whitepaper is a FREE weekly newsletter focusing on the basics or cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and trading.”

What Happens Next?: “A blog/newsletter/manifesto in which I (Jacob Schnitzer) publicly grapple for a Reimagination of the cultural output we create as makers of classical music.”

Whats New On The Net Podcast: “News about the Internet and of the World Wide Web. And startup profiles from around the world. 'The Internet As A Media And A Medium' is our tagline. Subscribe to this unique podcast.”

Will This Be on the Exam?: “A weekly(ish) newsletter about philosophy, literature, and culture—minus the stuffy academic prose.”

The Wise Fool Press: “Insights that help you build future-ready communities”

writers_life_tips’s Newsletter: “Life vibes, voice of beat/lost generation 2.0”

X|O Update: “Catch what you missed, see what's up this week.”

Yasuke : Lost in SEA: “My thoughts and experiences while living in Bangkok Thailand for the last 8 years, working in Product & Tech as a Nigerian”

A Year with Marcella: “My rinky dink newsletter gets a substack”

Your Local Epidemiologist: “Providing a direct line of science to you”

Zannoza Community: “All about games, fun, innovation and entertainment. Discover fascinating stories, information and events.”

Let’s conclude with a sign-off from one of the new Substackers. As anchor for the CBS Evening News, Dan Rather briefly used the famous sign-off, “Courage.” But recently, he has gravitated towards “Stay steady” – which is related to his newsletter’s name. In the video below, you can see an instance where “Stay steady” was very good advice, on the eve of the nerve-wracking Presidential election. I suppose it’s appropriate advice for anything uncertain or new, like starting a newsletter!