Subscription Discounts

How to offer discounts on Substack; links to current offers of discounts

Options for discounts

Substack allows newsletters with paid subscriptions to run special offers. The offer can be a free trial or a discount.

With respect to discounts, a percent discount can last forever or for 12 months. Substack allows the newsletter creator to select several options for discounts, such as a limit to offer duration, annual plans, and/or emails from educational institutions.

If you’ve set up paid subscriptions, you can find the following dialog for creating discounts by going to your newsletter’s settings, clicking the link to manage special offers, and then clicking the button to add a new special offer. (You can edit existing offers in a similar dialog.)

My understanding (after asking Substack support recently) is that $5.00/month is normally the minimum paid subscription price, and that a discount to less than $5.00/month is not typically available.

Current offers of discounts

I have collected links to discounts. I’ve omitted links to expired discounts, free trials, discounts offered to all subscribers, and discounts limited to group subscriptions.

Some discounts have names that suggest a time limitation (e.g., “Black Friday Special”). However, given that it’s easy to set a date by which a customer must redeem the offer, it’s possible that the newsletter creator decided to leave the offer in place and didn’t bother to adjust the title.

If you’re in doubt, you might want to contact the newsletter creator to confirm that the offer is still supposed to be available.

This list is current as of February 9, 2021. If I’ve omitted any discount — or if you think any discount should be removed from this list — please let me know.