This Week in Substack (2/12/21)

So many new Substack newsletters!

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This edition of “This Week in Substack” is devoted to newsletters that have recently launched! 🥳🎉

Substack’s most recent tweet highlights several relatively high-profile writers.

I imagine many Substack newsletter creators would agree that having “your favorite writers” — in other words, creators with a significant following — on Substack is good for the prominence and viability of this platform. New writers and podcasters with substantial pre-existing followings are starting newsletters here every month.

However, there’s a danger that emphasis on well-known writers will result in a de-emphasis of everyone else. What if some of your potential favorite writers in 2021 and beyond are people you haven’t come across yet? What if you are trying to become a favorite writer for hundreds or thousands of readers?

In a future post, I’d like to highlight newsletters — whether new or not — that you think people should know about. Today, I’d like to highlight the newest newsletters. A few of the creators may be familiar to you — but other creators might be your new favorite writers or podcasters. I hope you’ll browse them and subscribe to a few that look intriguing!

I included about two dozen newly-launched newsletters in last week’s edition. But Substack’s “Discover” has listed many others since then. I found more via Stacksearch and Google.

I’m guessing that, before including newsletters in “Discover,” Substack checks them to make sure they’re not obviously spam or otherwise against the terms of use. And I presume it checks newsletters to see which category (Business, Sports, etc.) each of them belongs in. (Note: Substack “Discover” doesn’t have a “Miscellaneous” category. I hope that Substack eventually implements a discoverability feature that includes all newsletters that don’t violate the terms of use, as well as their posts.)

The following list includes 56 newsletters that weren’t in the previous “This Week in Substack” and had their first non-introductory post during the last three weeks (January 22 or later). Warning: One newsletter title and one description in this list use one of George Carlin’s seven dirty words. Another description almost does but includes an asterisk. 🙂

  • The Apple: “a full spectrum of independent New York Mets coverage”

  • Bitesized: “Delivering interesting news for students and professionals in the best way - quick, simple, bite-sized.”

  • Brevard NewsBeat: “In-depth reporting on local politics, environment and land use.”

  • Bubby’s Newsletter: “two kids writing about the world and it's probs”

  • Charlotte Cramer: “🧠 Weekly, actionable tips from the neuroscience of motivation to help you get shit done! 👇”

  • Colorfield: “I write on art, culture, and other things, too.”

  • The Constituent: “Policy and Economics From the View of the American Heartland”

  • The Cork Report

  • The Daily Ten: “Please enjoy today's top ten stories around real estate, tech and innovation.”

  • Dead Channel: “Making sense of culture at the end of the world”

  • Debs Dispatch: “A Substack About All Things Eugene V. Debs”

  • Delusional: “Becoming a little less delusional, one post at a time.”

  • Dre on Sports: “Short Posts on Motorsport that doesn't need more than 280 characters and less than a sub-editor.”

  • The Drizzleanddip Newsletter: “My latest recipes and food news”

  • Expat in Portugal: “Two old white women escape the US and move to Portugal.”

  • Ferment AI: “Aesthetics and prototyping of artificial intelligence and algorithmic culture.”

  • Fuck Around and Find Out: “Liberal political commentary, snark, and satire, because God knows there's plenty of material”

  • The Galaxy Report: “Your weekly fix of all things cosmic”

  • Gen-Z Gov: “An US government and politics resource that speaks to the concerns of Generation-Z.”

  • The Haps: “Follow The Haps for reliable context, curation, analysis, colour and commentary on US politics and elections. Open to all, but designed to offer sharp, trustworthy coverage with Kiwi and Aussies in mind.”

  • Harry Markle Blog: “Discussion and articles from the Harry Markle Blog”

  • Hermanas Arce: “Recetas, historias y desvaríos”

  • The Horizontal Fault: “Thoughts on Los Angeles, urbanism, architecture and art.”

  • ILLUMINATION’s Newsletter: “Articles covering a wide range of topics”

  • In The Flux: “An aperiodic newsletter about contemporary Chinese culture and society. In The Flux 包括一份新闻通讯以及一档播客”

  • Inside the Crown: “Taking a deeper dive into all things Royals”

  • LATCHKEYKID: “Let yourself in.”

  • Liam Meisner: “Global politics, elections, and history”

  • Liberated | Bradley Center CSUN: “The Tom & Ethel Bradley Center archive has more than one million images and a collection of oral histories representing diverse communities. Our collections are housed online and in the University Library at California State University, Northridge.”

  • Lifelong Learners Club: “Explaining the mundane in a fascinating way”

  • Lifts and Lies: “A fictionalized look at what really goes on behind the scenes in the boutique fitness industry”

  • Marc Hart Newsletter: “Helping Coaches grow their knowledge base on concepts and different systems and style of play.”

  • Media Pyme: “Informamos a emprendedores, Mipymes y Pymes sobre herramientas financieras especializadas para capitalizar sus negocios. Newsletter cada lunes”

  • Mentally Shrill: “Words of advice from America's Unhinged Sweetheart 🦋⚡️🍒🦠🕳🦪🪐☎️🧸”

  • my candle burns: “occasional unpolished essays by amy bornman – about motherhood and poetry and spirituality and everything else”

  • MojoMint by May Pang: “Self-improvement through creative storytelling”

  • Nameless A's: “NFT saga of finding and empowering nameless artists”

  • New Consensus: “Industrial policy for the 21st century”

  • On Service: “Life, Leadership, and Breast Cancer Medicine”

  • Overheard: “random stories”

  • Pero Make It Newsy: “A weekly newsletter dedicated to news about, by and for women.”

  • Ragged Lines: “Words written down in a semi-coherent manner.”

  • slumber’s newsletter: “weekly updates, new music & more~*”

  • SOMMniloquy: “Sips, trips, lit & other cool sh*t”

  • Strange Sounds: “Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena from around the world”

  • SutherlandUniversity: “First course is coming soon!!! See most recent post for more details and sign up for any future updates (free) :)”

  • TC Investments’s Newsletter: “Newsletter featuring researched multibagger opportunities, SPACs, and more.”

  • Thin Ink: “Food, Climate and Where They Meet”

  • Van Wickle Ventures Publication: “Giving the lay of the entrepreneurship landscape on College Hill and beyond (Brown and RISD)”

  • Wang Street Journal: “The diary of the amateur critic. The truth in (hopefully) its proper use.”

  • We The Peoples News: “We The People News is an independent grassroots news organization that focuses on current events, geopolitical affairs, revealing government obstruction and the release of [recently declassified documents] to public that often reveal corruption in the gov”

  • What's Up Newp Newsletter: “Award-winning, locally owned, independent news for Newport County and Rhode Island delivered straight to your inbox daily.”

  • Women Who Weld: “Showcasing women who create, ideate, and collaborate across specializations and trades.”

  • Yam DAO 每周速览: “Yam Finance 一周最新进展情况简报”

  • YIEE’s Newsletter: “YIEE is a non-profit youth lead organization whose goal is to accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals in Africa through digitalization. We want to prepare you for the future of work, increase your income and make you indemand.”

  • Your Damn News: “News, Humor, Commentary, and other stuff you might like or hate”

If you’re aware of another recently-launched newsletter that I should include here or in a subsequent post, please let me know in the comments or by email.

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