"We are experiencing technical difficulties..."

... with the comments section of some discussions and, for all I know, this post too

Have you recovered from the Great Facebook/Instagram Outage of 2021?

I hope so. 🙂

Anyway, the internet isn't owned by Facebook. There's plenty else out there. Substack, for example. 😀

However, technical difficulties aren't limited to Facebook properties.

If you've visited my Substack newsletter recently and tried to comment on a discussion, you may have encountered:

Only paying subscribers can comment on this post


Except for a few discussions early this year, I always open all discussions to all commenters.

I checked the settings for these discussions. Indeed, the discussions are set to be open to everyone.

And yet, there's this problem.

I may have lost a few subscribers because of this issue! Free subscribers must think I've put up a paywall. But I didn't. Substack accidentally put it up for me! (Or maybe I accidentally did. But I really don't think so.)

I fixed the problem once by unpublishing and republishing the discussion. But apparently that doesn't work for every discussion.

I've contacted Substack support. I'll let you know if and when they have a solution.

If you have experienced this problem with my or any newsletter, feel free to let me know. Just maybe not in the comments right now. 👀 If the comments are blocked for you, you can contact me by email.