49 New Newsletters

Newsletters that recently started on Substack

I’ve been collecting links to new Substack newsletters and posting them for you. I can’t collect all, since many newsletters launch each week and not all are easily discoverable. But I figure that some links are better than none at all.

These 49 newsletters1 had their first non-introductory post on Substack in past 30 days.

I hope you will subscribe to some of these new newsletters!

Ah So Insights: “ideas and inspiration for wine and spirit professionals”

Arena: “Investeringer og teknologi innen sport og esport”

Beehive Startups: “Beehive Startups is an independent organization committed to covering Utah’s startup and tech ecosystem.”

The Broccoli Report: “News and Analysis for Creative Cannabis Entrepreneurs”

Chasers of the Light: “Poetry, daily meditations & inspirations, community, virtual book readings, and musings on life, the universe, and everything from Tyler Knott Gregson”

Cloud Geek Digest: “Geeked out contents around cloud computing, delivered straight to your inbox!”

The Cosmic Companion: “News, history and the future of astronomy and space exploration, delivered in an easy-to-understand style, with a dash of fun.”

Creative Jobs NI: “The latest journalism, PR, comms and marketing roles and more in Northern Ireland.”

creator state of mind: “biz & creative resources for digital creators”

Daily Cyber Digest: “The Day's Cyber News in Quick (Free) Bytes”

The Depression Cookbook: “Recipes, meals and maybe some words for when you're feeling down”

Dolphins Dispatch

Drinking from the Firehose: “A weekly(-ish) newsletter on commerce, media, science, tech, investing, & internet culture by Alex Taussig. I am a partner at Lightspeed in Silicon Valley.”

El Marketing ha muerto: “Ideas sobre cómo la tecnología destruye y crea el marketing, todas las semanas”

Element X Cinema: “Welcome to 𝘌𝘭𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘟 𝘊𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘮𝘢, the official newsletter of film programmer and writer Steve Macfarlane (℠). Please note that while it's possible to register for free, only paid subscribers will receive Element X content.”

Extra Focus: “Your weekly dose of finding focus and productivity success with ADHD.”

Fill Your Inbox with Kyle Bunch: “Everything you never knew you needed to know, brought to you by Kyle Bunch.”

Frump Feelings: “A bi-weekly letter on abundant creativity & the full fat lifestyle plus an original story told serially <3”

guess i'll die: “mental health, digital culture, and modern life musings”

The Hartmann Report: “Renaissance Thinking About the Issues of Our Day”

I Am a Real Doctor But I'm Not a Real Wolf: “Personal reflections on Talmud, academia, teaching, gender and feminism, contemporary Jewish belief and practice, and any other thoughts that may enter my head”

Italics Mine: “The life a novelist/mother in Los Angeles.”

Jane Cooks For You: “everything I'm cooking, learning, and using in my colorful little kitchen”

The Jewish Table: “recipes + stories from the world of jewish food, by leah koenig”

Kyle Poyar's Growth Unhinged: “An unorthodox take on how to grow a SaaS company”

La TrendRoom du planning: “La veille stratégique de Lonsdale, qui décrypte pour vous les dernières tendances !”

LGB Alliance USA Newsletter: “Calls to action from LGB Alliance USA.”

The Livingston Letter: “Livingston, NJ News and Events”

Manifest Productivity: “Maximize making, minimize stress.”

Meat is Murder (But Also Delicious): “A Cooking Blog for the Pandemic”

Michael Tracey: “Counter-hegemonic musings”

Munaafa: “Simplifying & Demystifying financial investment & planning in Pakistan”

Musaic Drops: “News about Musaic and thoughts on the music & tech industries”

Music•Motherhood•Wellness: “A personal newsletter journal from Grammy Award Winning Singer, Mother, & Wellness Advocate, MELANIE FIONA”

The Other Hand: “Politics, Philosophy and Economics. And other stuff.”

Run, Rabbit: “Short, distilled ideas to ignite creativity and critical thinking, delivered daily.”

Selected Wisdom: “Insights & Discussion from Clint Watts, His Team & Colleagues”

Simple, Fun Health: “A blog with tips, tricks, and shared experience around creating a simple and fun healthy life.”

Small Caps Life: “Unique Investment Ideas”

sweater weather: “essays about literature, culture, and so many feelings.”

The Thinking Crypto Report: “Free Weekly Newsletter Filled With Crypto Knowledge & Insights!

Through A Glass Darkly: “On matters of geopolitics, counterintelligence, revisionist history and cultural warfare.”

too wordy, by natasha: “musings, news, and what didn't make it in the story by startups reporter and human natasha mascarenhas”

Useful Idiots: “Useful Idiots is an informative and irreverent politics podcast.”

Viaggio in Italia: “Appunti per un graphic novel”

Voss Capital

Without A Path: “Travel and stories off the beaten path”

The Woodchipper: “Bible, culture, political theory, miscellany”

xoEd Newsletter by Todd Beane: “Nourishment for extraordinary educators and crazy good coaches.”

Since one of the newsletters is "sweater weather,” I’ll take this opportunity to post the video (which I’d never seen before!) for the great song of this name. Today is the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, the autumnal equinox in the southern hemisphere – so I suppose sweater weather is officially changing sides. Anyway, the whole world (and by association Substack) is just one big neighbourhood, isn’t it? 😉


Originally there were 50. But one publisher converted his newsletter from Substack to a different platform while I was writing this post!

It turns out that I included one non-new newsletter by mistake. But I suppose there’s no harm in that.