49 Newsletters from March & April

New Substack newsletters!

There were 50 newsletters. But one was voted off the island.1

Anyway, please enjoy these 49 newsletters!2

30 Days of HTML: “At least one HTML element a day for 30 days. Improve your semantic HTML game, one day at a time. #30DaysofHTML”

300-Word Sunday: “Every Sunday, I send out aphorisms, witty heuristics, and philosophical jokes in your inbox. Sign up for free right now.”

5 Links: “A cura pela curadoria”

Arc Digital

The Aviation Club: “A cura pela curadoria”

Babbling On: “The scandalous life and pop culture opinions of a disgraced ex-twink.”

The Beyond Place: “Devoted to art that won't fit.”

The Black Hand, Ellie Marney’s Newsletter: “Serial killers, sleuths, and other thrilling things.”

Bowtied Bull: “Banks are Zeros.”

The Buzz: “The most important and interesting news out of Athens ISD”

The Catalyst: “Intermittent thoughts on Ethereum, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible token art & collectibles (NFTs), crypto, and other odds & ends.”

The Century of Biology: “Weekly reads highlighting cutting-edge advances in the life sciences.”

China Rising Radio Sinoland: “China v West in geopolitics, economies and technology”

The Coin Ledger: “All the latest upgrades, narratives and opinions catalyzing Coinmama and crypto”

Crypto Art News: “Crypto art, NFT, and digital collectibles news in your inbox, twice a week.”

Cryptowriter: “Cryptowriter aggregates the best content from all ‘crypto’ writer community publications. Providing a compelling experience that will not only keep readers informed, but will expand their minds in the process.”

CWS Market Review

Data Mesh Learning Newsletter: “Data mesh content and learning resources from a vendor-independent source”

Digestif by Food Supply: “Food Supply's foodie-focused blog”

Discipleship Insights: “Weekly insights on discipleship, ministry, and missions from Pastor Nathan Creitz”

Feuilleton: “La newsletter des idées qui remuent l'Allemagne. Portraits, lectures et reportages par Arthur Devriendt.”

Frost Byte: “Byte size thoughts on finance & tech”

Galaxy Brain: “Exploring how the internet changes everything it touches.”

God Rolls: “The best of my gaming and TV stories and videos each week”

Howdy Horn Honkers!: “Here is where I honk into the void (and visible world) about politics, pop culture, grief, spirituality, the personal, the peculiar and the often comical cosmic condition we all share. Life is just a ride. Call shotgun and let's go.”

I Am Jeff: “Equal scoops of marketing, business, leadership and growth, with a healthy dollop of wit and a sprinkling of insight. So anyway, who wants an ice cream?”

Josh Terry: “Learning theory, finance, crypto, self-improvement, and the future.”

Just One Word’s Newsletter: “Simplifying every day to just one word”

London In Bits: “The city, dissected: News, politics, arts, food and everything else that makes this city great.”

Marconvo: “A weekly e-mail newsletter about writing, trends, strategy, things I’m doing and things I discovered on the internet that week.”

Marina’s Newsletter: “a newsletter for YouTube creators who aspire to become entrepreneurs”

Mark’s Newsletter: “Mental Health / Social Anxiety / Introversion”

The Next Economy by Florian Kronawitter: “Views on the intersection of technology, economics and politics. What shapes our tomorrow? From inequality to financial markets to innovation and technology - The Next Economy”

Planes, Trains, &...Trucks: “Freight Transportation”

PostModernConservative: “Retrieving antiquity at the peak of modernity”

The Pro Politics Podcast Weekly Update: “The latest episode of the Pro Politics Podcast”

ReadOn: “Join thousands of readers who love to read our handpicked, deeply researched, jargon-free business news daily.”

Reetika's Notes: “The Best of minds crowd source info at one place”

Steamy Short Stories: “Get full-length steamy, short romance stories and updates from Flora Ferrari in your inbox!”

Sweary History with James Fell: “Those who cannot remember the past . . . might have better recall with a history teacher who uses the word ‘fuck’ a lot.”

T&I AsiaWatch: “Research and Analysis of Alternatives Investing for Asia, Published by Jerry Borrell, the longest-standing writer for Technology, Investing, and Business, since 1981,”

The Tab: “Fundamentals of psychedelic science, research, and industry on The Tab.”

Thinking about...: “Opening the future by understanding the past.”

treethinking: “science, environmentalism, society”

The Upheaval: “Exploring the rise of China, the ideological revolution consuming the West, and the end of our Liberal world.”

The YEET: “Welcome to The YEET, where we try to tilt the casino.”


I started this post with a “Survivor” metaphor. But I should have referenced “Game of Thrones,” since today’s the 10th anniversary of GoT’s first episode. Back in the day, there were a few GoT newsletters…


Update: Three others were on the island previously. So they had to leave too. (Sometimes I forget who’s been here before and who’s new.)


Actually 46. See footnote 1.