April newsletters bring May subscribers (Part I)

Today I’ve got a list for you: 50 newsletters that first posted on Substack in April 2021!

I’ll have another list of 50 tomorrow!

If I had more time, I might have found 500 more.1

At some point, Sub Pub might have enough paid subscribers to fund a full-time search for all2 the newsletters, plus categorization and associated social media accounts too!3

आईना: “Reflections on my journey — within and without. Subscribe to hear from me about offbeat travel experiences, culinary adventures, my favorite books, and other interesting things.”

たかしま家より。: “大阪に住むたかしま家の日常。ハーバード生の長男とUBC生の次男がお届けします。週2回配信! 配信登録は「メールアドレスの入力→Subscribe」で完了です。”

150 Days of HTML: “150 Days of HTML ~ Deep Dive Series ~ Subscribe today and start your journey through the elements of the core, semantic language of the web.”

Aaron Hall: “A portmanteau of words that inspire covering topics like faith, life, culture, and current events. Join dozens of others and subscribe below!”

Ab Ovo: “Ab Ovo is a weekly newsletter unpacking the most interesting happenings in food, wine, and spirits.”

According to Nick Youssef: “Nick Youssef's thoughts on music, style, boxing, bikes, coffee, ethnic identity, love and other culture related topics I normally annoy my friends about.”

Advisato - Codici Sconto: “Codici sconto gratuiti per il tuo shopping online. Advisato offre ogni giorno codici promozionali esclusivi e buoni sconto per aiutarti a risparmiare sui tuoi acquisti online. Iscriviti e inizia subito a risparmiare!”

Al-Write!’s Newsletter: “Welcome to Al-Write! Newsletters by a bunch of freshmen!! Words which we hope ‘Sp-read!”

Ali’s Blog by Ali Nawaz: “Hey, guys welcome to my blog if you don't know me my name is Ali I am a student of class 9 currently studying at La Martiniere. I write on tech and productivity, so check out my blogs and don' forget to share and subscribe.”

andrew’s Newsletter: “substack”

Angus Fox: “Gender, identity and politics. The only parents' rights campaigner who isn't a parent.”

Anne Byrn: Between the Layers: “Cake, life, dinner, shortcuts, stories, no sugar coating, recipes come to life in your inbox.”

Ask E. Jean: “Tormented? Driven Witless? Whipsawed by Confusion? Ask E. Jean is the longest, currently-running advice column in American publishing.”

Backuppati: sopravvivere al digitale: “Consigli pratici (e gratuiti!) per gente comune per non subire danni o furti nel mondo digitale”

Betje’s Comics: “Autobio comics by a Dutch cartoonist who's also a mom of 3 humans and many plants.”

The Bright Side: “The joy of writing, publishing, and making”

Bring Me Giants: “An incomplete encyclopedia of my thoughts about music, the media and the 20th century. Mostly in alphabetical order - except when it's not. Enjoy!”

Built By Words: “Great writing can be taught. This blog shows you how.”

A Cape Cod Voice: “Any and all things Cape Cod, political, historical, environmental, personal, controversial -- and ways the Cape is a Bonsai, small but full of complexity and beauty.”

.capitular.: “No princípio era o verbo, mas agora é o substantivo.”

The Conversations We Deserve: “On this substack, I speak in my outside voice. No argument and no idea are off-limits. This is where we have the conversations we deserve.”

Cover Letter: “All the news that’s fit to cover.”

Critical Singapore: “Critical Spectator's Substack dedicated to Singaporean Affairs”

Critical Spectator: “A challenging take on the life & world of the past, present and the future.”

Cryptostack: “Crypto Trading Signals - It's all relative”

CTRL ALT Revolt!: “Truth, Fiction and The End of Now.”

The Daily Memes: “Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Alex Raksin untangles a few of the daily news cycle's most revealing memes, using the word's original definition as notions and ideas that while subconscious help define us all.”

Dangerfield's Exaggerations.: “Tales of woe and wonder, lust and the libertine. Both by choice and accident I've lived and died on the margins of existence, so it seems only fair that I would report back some of the more compelling tales, from which you may both learn and laugh.”

The Deep Dive Newsletter: “The stories that matter. The subjects you care about.”

The Digital Entrepreneur's Mind: “The mindset of a digital entrepreneur determines his success online. This is what I preach. Subscribe to know more”

dog and pony show: “Welcome to dog and pony show, brought to you by your own personal court jester, ringleader! Subscribe for a weekly-ish email letter of laughable musings, nonsensical prose, impolite poetry, psychotic rambling, sober commentary, astute analysis, & more!”

Emmanuel’s Substack: “I wish someone had told me.... Lessons from many years running companies at all scales, many industries and 2 continents”

Enes’s Newsletter: “I email a weekly newsletter with actionable tips and strategies on productivity and self-development. Subscribe and let's grow as a community.”

Eric’s Newsletter: “Novedades y noticias Reental”

🛫 F L Y I N G 🛬: “thoughts about the future of flight and the struggles of an aspiring entrepreneur”

Frog Trouble Times: “Parenthood and childhood on a warming planet”

The Frontier View: “Economic, markets and political content on global frontier markets, with a Sub-Saharan Africa bias.”

Full Stack HR: “Uncovering the full stack of HR.”

Garrison Keillor and Friends: “This newsletter will include observational humor, gratitude, small doses of advice, memories of heroic persons I knew up close, reminiscence about ordinary life back before Twitter and thoughts about American life and other pleasures.”

The Gastro World Digest: “A place to feel, heal, and eat!”

Giuseppe’s Newsletter: “Giuseppe Mondì: Fotografo, Content Marketing Manager, Co-founder What Italy Is. Alla continua ricerca di balene. Iscriviti alla mia newsletter e riceverai una foto al giorno. Nessuno spam o altro. Solo una foto ma tutti i giorni.”

good mood food: “Feel-good recipes, writing, and community from Carina Wolff of Kale Me Maybe.”

Going Green: “Climate, Crypto, and Wherever the 20's Take Us”

The Good Life: “...is all we really want, right? I write stories and curate interesting sources that'll help you think about what that means for you. Ready to put the "good" in The Good Life?”

Grundvilk: “Basic conditions facing homo sapiens.”

Harnessing Gravity: “Short stories in fiction. Fantasy, exploration, suburbia, sci-fi, moments of existentialism.”

Hiatus: “The news, business, tech and science briefing that brings focus to a world of infinite information. No likes. No clickbait. Just the knowledge you need to be an informed, responsible citizen.”


Incense and Orris: “perfume, history, culture, and sometimes a lethal combination of all three. never paywalled.”

Inspired by a True Story!: “Comics / Punk Rock / Chocolate Milk / Photos Of Puppies. You know the drill.”

If I’ve missed a newsletter and you’d like to see it in an upcoming list, please let me know in the comments or by email.

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Perhaps hyperbole or, as with the image, Hyperbole and a Half. 😁


“All” also might be hyperbole. But with enough funding, I could find pretty close to all!

Finding interesting newsletters / potential subscribers to your newsletter would be a useful perk of paid subscription, don’t you think? (I’ve hidden a 30 day free trial offer here, valid for the next week, to test whether anyone is reading the footnotes. I’ll offer another discount soon, which anyone who takes the free trial may also use.)


I’m able to find almost anything (as long as it’s legal to do so and the thing exists 🙂). And that’s not hyperbole. Among other things, I was a reference librarian for over a decade.