March of the Newsletters (Part 1)

50 of the new newsletters on Substack in March 2021

Since today is April Fools’ Day (just kidding)1, I figured it was time to list some (real) newsletters that first posted on Substack in March.

(Please let me know if you’re interested in a directory of Substack newsletters.)

世界走走: “世界走走 - 最專業的國際新聞訂閱”

2021 Belongs to Confetti: “Nick Hanson writes fun newsletters”

The 4%: “Women's Sports on TV”

Ainun Najib: “Ainun Najib, ayah dari anak-anak cerdas, Indonesian @ Singapore, tech, data science, & AI/ML @ decacorn, arek NU asli Gresik, kadang kawal-kawalan. Berupaya yang terbaik sebagai ortu milenial di era AI & 4.0 ini, subscribe juga ya!”

Alvistor - Inner Circle: “Everything intriguing in the field of knowledge work in the modern age of (overloaded) information. Digital & Overall well-being is another focus.”

AmpUp Newsletter: “EV charging for communities of all shapes & sizes.”

The Anime Digest w/ Laubars: “Sub if you want to read my thoughts on the anime I've watched!”

archival tendencies:

Ashevegas Hot Sheet: “Following Asheville growth and development; the ups and downs of a gentrifying NC town”

B-smart Trading Newsletter: “Newsletter focused on Crypto Education, technical analysis, psychology and Gem alerts. Not a financial advise”

The Beehive Newsletter: “For Utah, From Utah”

BuFT Letters: “Business, Finance, and Tech”

Building a SaaS web application in Substack (public): “I'll share every step along the way as I build a Software as a Service (SaaS) web application including successes, failures, revenue, profit (I hope), and expenses.”

Campo Visual: “Paseos, personas que pasean y cosas que me encuentro al pasear.”

Causal Inference: the Remix: “Explaining econometrics, JHR Threads, academic opinions and personal reflection”

Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH): “Once Subscribe, You Will Get High Quality Articles And Ideas About Make Money Online, Digital Marketing, Self Improvement, Management, Relationships, Spirituality, & Many More...”

circle back: “Let's circle back on that.”

Cléa Studio Letters: “Aquí hablamos sobre como querernos más, para sentirnos más libres y cada vez más sexies.”

The Community Fund: “A newsletter for community-driven founders, funders, and friends.”

Culture & Curiosities: “History, pop culture, oddities, and outrage.”

Data Awesome: “Awesome data resources”

Data: Made Not Found (by danah): “Assorted research thoughts on sociotechnical topics ranging from the census to algorithmic accountability, all with an eye to how data and society intersect with structural inequity”

Edge Letters: “Understanding the "interesting times" unfolding around us through faith, family, friends, books, entertainment, history, and unquenchable curiosity.”

El Informante: “Recibe en tu correo electrónico nuestro boletín diario de noticias.”

Elmer's Spudstack: “Elmer Spud's investing thoughts - for the paid subs: SPACs, call spreads, low EVs, moats, special situations. for the free subs - rants and random thoughts from a retail baggy.”

Evergreen Curator: “I help you conquer info overwhelm by curating the best all-time podcasts, explainers, cheatsheets, summaries, newsletters, apps, websites, and books.”

Exclusive Content: “Short stories, memoirs, pomes, and other word-meal from Carson Mell and the occasional contributor.”

ExtraOrdinary Excellence Newsletter: “Excellence Comes From Doing Things Extraordinarily”

feelings in letters: “Inspiración, anécdotas, pensamientos”

Finding Customer Focus: “For startups and hypergrowth giants alike, finding (and keeping) customer focus is tough. Subscribe for free tips, frameworks, and personal war stories on how to accelerate growth through customer-focused GTM strategy, positioning, messaging, and more.”

Forgotten History: “Exploring the lesser known parts of history, in no order whatsoever”

The Frogpants Newsletter: “Commentary, reviews, recaps of what's happening around the network, upcoming projects, and a whole lot more. Tons of FREE stuff!”

FULLY ANALYSED: “Horse racing and sports betting analysis using ratings, trends and opinion.”

Habits of a Free Mind: “Habits of a Free Mind™ is a toolkit for engaging across lines of difference without feeling traumatized and without dehumanizing others.”

Hannah Kirshner’s Newsletter: “life in Yamanaka”

Healthcare without Walls: “News about all things healthcare with a particular focus on post/pre/sub-acute care”

heart food: “a weekly newsletter about books, food, and life's minutiae.”

Hillary's Substack: “Talking about the 'wellness' industry and probably a bunch of other things, we'll see.”

How Not to F*ck Up Your Face: “philosophical and practical advice for anyone who's ever looked into a mirror”

Hurry Up & Wait: “Writing tips, essays, and book news from author, ghost, and storyteller Gregory Mone.”

Investigating Substack: “Tracking the various moves of the company Substack.”

IQshredder’s Newsletter: “maxims, musings and love letters”

Is there life after facebook?: “An experiment in whether it is possible to find meaning and community online without submitting to the increasingly autocratic online despots at facebook, inc.”

The Islamic Triumvirate: “This is a Substack by three colleagues writing about the world around us.”

Jasmin's Jargon: “Jasmin's Jargon will cover topics including writing, editing, veganism, activism, food, body image, time-management, my dogs and cat, and my unending journey to calming down.”

JasonMuses: “Updates and reflections about my life with cancer.”

J.G.’s Newsletter: “Novels. Short stories. Updates on works-in-progress and life on the road.”

Josie’s Newsletter: “News on cryptoart drops and all things metaverse”

Journal Argus: “Education. Arts. Athletics.”

k930 uudiskiri: “Tech / Markets / Economy”

Everybody’s moving to Substack!¹ (The kids today, with their Cats in the Hats and their Substacks…)


For information about April Fools Day, please see this video: