March of the Newsletters (Part 2)

52 (or wait, now 53!) new Substack newsletters in March 2021

Since April Fools Day is over now (just kidding),1 let’s look back at more newsletters2 that first posted on Substack in March.

(I hope you enjoy and benefit from learning about these new newsletters. Please let me know if you’re interested in a directory of Substack newsletters.)

Kashish's Corporate Law Blog: “Your one-stop shop to know relevant and interesting corporate law updates and insights from India. This substack is a compilation of everything that I have published on different forums.”

Kellen's Substack: “Thoughts, feelings, and essays”

Kened Sadiku's substack: “Hello! Thanks for checking this out. My name is Kened Sadiku. I'm a second-year journalism student. I've made this Substack recently and I plan to write articles regarding the Ottawa Senators every Monday & Friday! Subscriptions = Free. Thanks :)”

Krrish's Substack: “Just some musings”

The Latter Day Lotus: “If Nietzsche & Larry David had a would be a votary of the Latter Day Lotus Substack.”

The Lead: “Subscribe for weekly essays on the Art of Leadership”

Letters to My Future Self: “Assorted fiction and unpolished essays.”

The LotFP Substack: “The making of Lamentations of the Flame Princess from a social/community/political/philosophical/whatever perspective.”

Magnitude and Direction: “A bi-weekly newsletter, covering some of my favorite new developments in the fields of biotech, data science, engineering, and more.”

Marconvo: “A weekly e-mail newsletter about writing, trends, strategy, things I’m doing and things I discovered on the internet that week.”

Matematik Bülteni: “Her pazar sabah 10'da matematik kültürüne, matematik dünyasındaki gelişmelere ve gelecek etkinliklere yer veren bir bülten paylaşıyoruz.”

MichiSpotlight: “An all-inclusive Tech Newsletter/Blog for Students.”

Most Favoured Nation: “Musings on UK and EU trade policy” | Treibstoff: “Monatliche Kolumne über Musik, das Leben und die besten Artikel auf”

nfts (notes, feelings, thoughts) with amac: “musings from inside and outside the alex maceda's creative studio”

Northern Exposure: the Sunday Review: “Politics, Media and the Arts”

Nota Bene: “Hi! I'm Infra! I write essays and tweets, and just started my first blog at ! Consider signing up and leaving a comment in my guestbook!”

The Obstacle Guy’s Newsletter: “Sign Up to receive weekly E-mails about Creativity, Writing, Habits, Self-Help books and much more interesting stuff”

Pancake club: “Bite sized stacks made fresh daily! Summarizing headlines on NFTs, Defi, Bitcoin and Blockchains”

PAYLOAD;; Michael’s Linux Newsletter: “My free weekly roundup of Linux news”

Peter Coding Newsletter: “Weekly newsletters about Flutter, Firebase, Android, Ionic, and exclusive articles written by me.”

Photonics Precision Technologies: “This is a substack project for the Photonics industry. It is about all things photonics, from R&D into Business Development and sales leads.”

The Planet: “The newsletter for you and all those that love our fragile, beautiful planet.”

Promenade: “um passeio entre livros, objectos, sopas de beldroegas. uma flâneuse entre as oliveiras. textos nómadas por Madalena Galamba.”

Reasonable Essays: “Fully formed thoughts on interesting things.”

Resuming Debate

Return of the Newsletter: “Writing about newsletters and the creator economy as we’re building a new way to read and learn from newsletters.”

Return’s Newsletter: “Your #1 source of value stock analysis and markets insights.”

RETURNED TO SENDER: “unsent letters mostly; undelivered parcels occasionally”

Sara Canals: “Lo imprescindible y lo anecdótico sobre la actualidad en Francia. Cada semana, desde París 🥐🍷”

SCRIPTURE: “Short Studies on the Bible from Trusted Sources in Simple Language”

Share the Vision: “Share the Vision is a newsletter that features scenes from one of our 90 Seescapes Video Reflections. To subscribe to our free newsletter, enter your email below.”

Shariq’s Lifeletters: “Road to Financial Freedom | Updates on the life of Shariq”

Sonya’s Book Box: “Book Subscription service, curated classics, handpicked for you, invitations to book discussions”

Steady Compounding: “All Big Things Come From Small Beginnings”

Subconscious: “The web began as a tool for thought”

Sublimer: “Une exploration du processus créatif d'un roman au jour le jour.”

Substitution: “Kaleidoscope of discomfort. I write about sobriety, grief, and discovering a queer vision.”

Sunday Bookmarks

Susanality: “Why to cook”

Tech and People: “Tzvika Barenholz's Notes and Letters”

Thinking about...: “Opening the future by understanding the past.”

ToonStack’s Newsletter: “‘Drawings, Jokes, Musings’”

The Trainers View: “3 Things You Could Be Doing To Build Your PT Business”

Trashberg: “This is almost certainly Ashley Feinberg's newsletter.”

Unfamiliar Letters: “Religion, literature, the higher learning in America.”

Visual Educator: “Level up your graphics, presentations, and communications with design tips, tools, and in-depth reflections at the intersection of graphic design and education. Subscribe now. #edtech #design #education”

Who What When Where Why Why Not: “Author Marie Phillips writes about the world as seen from an East London houseshare.”

Women's Survival Guide: “Newsletter, women's experience”

You're Doing Great: “A visual advice column by Sofia Warren”

Zona Affari: “Insight, storie e notizie dal mondo del business, finanziario, politico e tech! Risparmia tempo ricevendo in una sola email tutto ciò che hai bisogno per capire dove il mondo sta andando!”

Bonus: Another Substack newsletter started on March 31, published by singer/songwriter/author/poet Patti Smith!


I promise not to post any more references to April Fools Day. 🤞😉


I included 52 newsletters in today’s post because I realized that two newsletters in yesterday’s post hadn’t really published anything. 48 newsletters yesterday + 52 today (I hope) = 100 (+ last-minute bonus newsletter = 101) (- one spam newsletter that I removed after initially publishing this post = 100 again). 🙂