No Newsletters Left Behind [Part II]

50 new Substack newsletters from the past few months

Without further ado,1 50 Substack newsletters!

Meu Primeiro Cheque: “Early-Stage Venture Capital”

MojoMint by May Pang: “Self-improvement through creative storytelling”

Money Folder by Chris Force: “A helpful letter from the desk of a magazine publisher.”

Morning Shot: “News, politics and philosophy from the Dark Continent. I write about South African politics, entrepreneurship, philosophy and media.”

Neonlogisms: “Catching buzzwords with digital flypaper”

The Newsletter of (Not Quite) Everything: “assorted nerdery from a man who should probably be doing something else”

The Nexialist: “serendipitous brain-sparking content”

Nihonpolitics: “The Boring and the Scandalous Side of Japanese Politics”

Nina Power: “The Sun Is God: New Writing by Nina Power”

NIRMAL’s Newsletter: “Education/ Engineering / Technology”

Northern Natter's Newsletter: “A newsletter and podcast for new and aspiring journalists, proving you don't need to move to London to be a journalist.”

Notes from Beyond: “Of Things Past and Present”

NOW Streaming: “Get the inside scoop about what to watch on all popular streaming networks like Netflix, Crave, Britbox, Amazon Prime Video, and more from Toronto's #1 film buff.”

The OQ Weekly: “Curating the most interesting Japanese pop-culture news each week.”

Peach State Politics with Niles Francis: “Covering politics and elections in Georgia and across the country”

Precious Gems: “A newsletter about dating and feeling from the 51 First Dates podcast”

psytizenship: “making mental health policy mainstream”

Rak höger med Ivar Arpi: “Om samtidens mest brännande frågor, utan filter eller skygglappar.”

RamsayWrites: “New takes and vivid writing on what makes life -- big and small -- go boom.”

RARA Weekly: “The latest events, communities, and artists building a more social crypto Internet”

SafeGraph Data Stories: “Data-driven takes on current events” “Towards a New Liberalism”

SEA Startups: “Thoughts on Tech in Greater South-East Asia”

Sense of Place: “A way of looking at the world for creativity, authenticity and curiosity”

The Sleepout Post: “Building our portable blackout curtains business, one sleep at a time. Writing about sleep, entrepreneurship, and our misadventures in both. (Hopefully a community as much as a newsletter.)”

Some Unpleasant Peronist Arithmetic: “‘There are four kinds of countries in the world: developed, undeveloped, Japan and Argentina’“

Something Good: “A lifestyle newsletter for your 🧠, ✋, and ❤️.”

Steinbart Media Group: “We promote Austin's message of Unity, Strength and Wisdom in the face of overwhelming odds.”

Steroids For Your Brain 🧠: “Think like a CEO 😎. Escape the 9-5 matrix 🏝. And live a more meaningful life ✌️ ❤️”

The Sweden Report: “A window into the underbelly of Swedish existence, with everyone's favourite meta-janitor and friendly neighbourhood (Angry) Foreigner 🍺🤡”

SWIRL: “Your new Monday morning must-read — how tech, business, and politics swirl together and what it means for us.”

Syndicate Protocol: “Official Announcements and Blog Posts”

Techsurance: “My weekly insurance technology readings”

Textual Variations: “Articles and essays on Film, TV, and Media Culture, with a focus on how and why texts exist in multiple versions.”

Thus Spake Daniel Kalder: “A newsletter by Daniel Kalder, author of The Infernal Library — essays, reviews and marginalia.”

The Time of Monsters: “Political culture and cultural politics.”

The Timestamp: “Expert curators sharing their insights in business & tech, every week”

The "To-Woo" List: “Musings, advice and conversations to energize your career”

Today's Edition Newsletter: “A reflection on today's news through the lens of hope.”

Tokyo Mothers Index Newsletter: “Hottest growth stocks on the Mothers Index of Japan”

Tripe + Drisheen: “A new, independent and in-depth local journalism newsletter from Cork in your inbox weekly.”

Uncharted Territories: “How to Win in the World of Tomorrow”

Urubuquaquá: “Everything I feel like writing about but don't have the energy to pitch”

Venture Upward: “A field guide for surviving, getting ahead, and succeeding as a venture capitalist.”

Weak signals and other trends: “Trends , foresight, weak signals, disruption”

Wealth of Women: “A feminist take on economics and business”

WhatAngieSays: “Encounters with Uninterested Rock Stars, Dating Mishaps, and Other Relationship Fails”

White Label Newsletter by Guigo Monfrinato: “Collab, bro?!”

Wiser! - tech economy newsletter: “Interested in the Tech Economy? Want to know what matters? Need an easy way to stay informed? And up to date? Then you'll love Wiser! Published weekly in written, audio and video format with the latest trends, stories and insights.”

Work in Progress: “on antiracism and other things. this newsletter will grow alongside you.”

The next list, as suggested by Annette Laing and seconded by The Links, will be newsletters in the category “something to do in the queue at the post office.”2 🙂 If you have any suggestions for this or another list, please let me know in a comment or by email. Maybe some of today’s newsletters will make it into future lists too!

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I suspect this footnote is “ado.” Or maybe ado was Part I.

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To illustrate “something to do in the queue at the post office,” I’m attaching this video of the best scene ever involving a queue:

While you wait for my next list, why don’t you check out some of the newsletters from today’s list, perhaps while you’re in a queue at the post office? 🤔😉