Sections in Your Substack?

If it's Thursday, it must be time to check the Substack Blog:

New: Add sections to your publication

A few days ago I noticed that this feature was live on Glenn Greenwald's newsletter.1 The section is called Outside Voices. In Greenwald's case, the section gets a separate subdomain. For a typical publisher, it seems the section will be a subdirectory of the newsletter's domain / subdomain.

Personally, if I were to create one or more sections, I'm not sure whether I'd prefer a separate subdomain like Greenwald has, or just everything under the Sub Pub umbrella. In any case, I'm not sure I want sections at all!

What do you think about newsletter sections? Do you think they’d benefit – or confuse – you and your subscribers / readers? Do you think you'll create a section or two for your newsletter?

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I vaguely recall a similar feature on other “Substack Pro” newsletters. However, I had thought the feature related to the bundling of several newsletters, rather than sections within one newsletter.