April newsletters bring May subscribers (Part II)

As promised yesterday, I’m here1 with a new list of 50 newsletters that first posted on Substack in April 2021!

Since today is Star Wars Day, I am compelled (by a Jedi mind trick) to say:

May2 the 4th be with these newsletters.

After all, the very first (or fourth, depending on how you count) Star Wars movie begins with a newsletter post!3

In other words, today is Substack Day! 😁

And now, the new newsletters:

Integral Resistance: “This is where we document every bit we do to build the Last Exchange.”

Isaac’s letters from the border: “Reflections on the death of migrants in the U.S./Mexico borderlands”

It's Not A Newsletter: “This is my journal on art, work and personal stories. By Bonnie Tsang.”

Iwata's Monologue @ Substack: “I write about what I find interesting in investments, psychology, and cross border topics. 投資、心理、異文化について面白いと思うことを書きます。”

Joel’s weekly newsletter for software developers: “Learn more about software development related subjects”

John Brown Substack Account: “Economics and politics”

La extraordinaria cotidianidad: “Un newsletter donde mes a mes comparto inspiración y parte de mis rituales creativos. Películas🎬Libros📚Frases🦋Rituales creativos🌈 Y mucho más!”

Lemming Investors Research: “Experience is Key when researching small-cap companies, and so is making mistakes - I have over 3 decades of experience - Subscribe for the next multi-bagger!”

Lessons From The Crisis: “How did we get here? Exploring the covid pandemic and the lessons we can learn for next time”

Letters Of Hope: “A compulsive collection of most entertaining, inspiring, and powerful letters with love and hope at their heart.”

Lieberstack: “Takes on the week's news”

Life Letters: “from a woman who is becoming herself.”

London Stack: “Revitalizing serendipity for interesting Londoners doing interesting things with outdoor brunches in groups of 6. We are part of www.networkcapital.tv, a career advancement platform featured on HBR, TED and WEF”

Michael Petraeus: “Personal Substack”

MikeAllSteyels: “Subcultures and city life.”

Mind Science: “Reboot your thinking with easy to understand, well-researched mind science.”

Negative Foods Newsletter: “The Negative Foods Newsletter by Paul Lightfoot”

Non-Boring History: “Engaging stories from the past that relate to now, for busy normal people with little time who didn't like high school history, written by a real historian (don't let that put you off)”

Our Tiny Rebellions: “Subtle wins for women doing it all.”

Outside Voices: “Featured writing from independent journalists, brought to you by Glenn Greenwald Substack.”

Pained Thomas' Newsletter: “Using 50 years of experience, study and education to debunk the conventional wisdom and intentional misinformation on the critical issues of the day.”

Patrick Ellington's Substack: “Another platform that can host my independent endeavors”

Pavel.tips: “Týždenný newsletter o tom čo mi brnklo do nosa”

Popping Tins: “Reviews of tinned seafood”

The Power of Us: “How our shared identities shape our beliefs, feelings, and actions - and can be harnessed for good.”

Predicting The Future: “Of Business, Psychology, & The Creator Economy. My goal is to educate, inspire, and add value to your information diet. Subscribe FOR FREE.”

Range Revolutions: “Musings about agrarian life, food systems, water rights, circular economies, art, community, farming and ranching, design and more...”

Reader's Cafe: “Reader's Cafe is made up of a group of students who are going to be producing newsletters on a variety of topics every alternate day. Stay tuned.”

Rebecca Watson: “Updates, erratic thoughts, irregular and as yet unplanned intrusions into your inbox”

Reedstack: “A song or something I like every week”

Richard Medhurst’s Newsletter: “US politics, international relations and the Middle East.”

SAINTS DISCO: “Suburban ground era footy”

Sathish’s Newsletter: “‘How to become a successful entrepreneur - lessons from a serial entrepreneur’ “

Schrodinger Path: “A Newsletter about the fiction of Sarah A. Hoyt

Small Talk: “Writing tips, tricks, and musings from Jonathan Small, host of Write About Now”

The Spear Phisher: “Exploration and insights related to social engineering, phishing and email threats.”

Strong Message Here: “Occasional thoughts on progressive campaigns and communications. By Steve Akehurst & Tom Mauchline”


Tom Fitton's Substack: “Our Tottering Republic”

TraderMP’s Newsletter: “Learn how to read and trade the FX and Crypto markets to make money. Private lessons and live session available in subscription”

The Uplift: “Uplifting news, self-care and life advice.”

The Uprising: “An unconventional morning politics newsletter for our unpredictable era.”

the utter: “a shapeshifting journal by Yrsa Daley-Ward”

Vantage Point: “A series of interviews and articles on a plethora of subjects”

Vetlla'm aquest mort: “Contracultura per a la decadència”

Vueltas en la cama: “Pensamientos trasnochados que zumban en los oídos. Ideas que aparecen en mi cabeza, cuando no puedo dormir, sobre libros, pelis, discos y otras cosas más.”

War Room News: “A handpicked selection of key global conflict and defence updates. Subscribe for short and digestible articles every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.”

World of Hilarity: “How to survive the apocalypse without going mad.”

The World of Tosh Berman: “Pop Culture, Fiction, Music, Art, and Journal”

YoungMinds.Amsterdam: “Future Generation Design”

If I’ve missed a newsletter and you’d like to see it in an upcoming list, please let me know in the comments or by email.4

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Question: On Substack, where is “here”? Cyberspace? A Substack server? On the device you’re using to read this? Where the publisher is writing from? 🤔


It’s gotta be May. (Note: This is totally different from “It’s gonna be May.”)


I believe each subsequent movie begins with a post as well. Certainly Empire and Return. I’m not sure about the others. I haven’t seen most of them. Sorry.


Gratuitous footnote linking to Sub Pub’s 30 day free trial. See also yesterday’s footnote 2.