What Do You See in Your Crystal Ball?

NFTs and social tokens might soon be significant to us as creators or audiences. But since not everyone is excited by crypto, I’d like to turn to other aspects of the potential future.1

As someone (Niels Bohr? Yogi Berra?) once said:

Predictions can be very difficult – especially about the future.

In 2019, who envisioned a world-changing pandemic in 2020 and beyond?

Yet here we are.

Even Substack would have surprised most of us. Two years ago, did you think you’d be writing or reading newsletters much?

Though much is uncertain, we can still look ahead. We can make educated guesses about what may happen and what may be important.

What do you foresee?

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Of course, I’m still interested in your comments about NFTs etc. Incidentally, I should have an update on these topics next week.