March of the Newsletters (Part 3)

50 new newsletters on Substack

If Ash hasn’t caught all the Pokémon after 25 years, then I might not be able to catch all the Substacks. But I can try…

Over the next three posts, I’ll link to 151 newsletters1 that began posting on Substack in March 2021.2

Here are the first 50. I hope you find a few to subscribe to (in addition to Sub Pub, of course). 🙂

7 about...: “Décryptez les innovations, les changements culturels et les nouvelles façons de vivre et de travailler - en 7 points, 7 minutes de lecture, tous les 7 jours !”

A newsletter da Warp!: “Conteúdos sobre YouTube”

Ad Fontes: “Redescubriendo la Gran Tradición cristiana para la Iglesia Hispana”

Alpha Alarm | Powered by Covalent: “📊 Daily DeFi visuals for all major blockchain networks. Check out for the long-form responses to these posts.”

Ashwin’s Newsletter: “Tech, life, philosophy”

Audrey 2's little shop of philosophical horrors: “philosophy”

badboycam200: “hot girl writing about hot and not so hot things”

A Bagel Manifesto: “Stories about coming to terms with belief, culture shifts, and the profound sense of loss that no one really cares about bagels anymore”

Bankless: “The ultimate guide to DeFi, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Join 25,000+ others on the Bankless journey. Let's level up!”

The Base Camp: “Return entries from the philosophical life”

Bear vs Pig: “Cutting the fat and bringing lean value to traders. Stock Trading, Interviews, Watchlists and Market Analysis — Newsletter and Podcast from @DeltheTrader”

Betsy Being Betsy: “A Year with Kabir: Getting Lost and Found in the Particulars”

Between the Crucible and the Cross Lies the Nous: “An inquiry into the intersection of art, ethics, film, philosophy, poetry, & theology”

Bfuturelabs: “Bfuturelabs es una comunidad de Empresa y Desarrollo Personal.”

The Bite: “Your home for personal safety tips and news delivered each Wednesday morning”

Boshamer Bulletin: “Everything you need to know about UNC baseball”

Briefly by Melissa: “Exclusive content by Melissa including essays on pop culture, family, mental health, and more.”

Capital Offences: “Books, history, philosophy.”

Carson's Real Estate Rialto: Tulsa: “Full analyses and personal thoughts of Tulsa's on-market cash-flowing real estate investments (rentals, flips, everything in-between) 🏘 Enter now to get first access to great Tulsa investments. 📰 Browse, choose what you want, close easily”

Casket Diaries by KV Rose: “tales from the coffin (also, writing, short stories, and other such stuff)”

Ceri Black Writes: “Musings on life, love, loss, sexuality, grief, survival, fibre, food, history and triumph against the odds.”

Chronicles of Collins: “A musing family reflection on life, love, and the Lord

Cleverly Painted Mules: “media / identity”

Climate Camp: “A simple way to learn about climate change. First principles, once-ish a week.”

Cold Pastoral: “19th century poetry and philosophy”

The Convor: “La newsletter de los inconformistas. Nos leemos todos los periódicos de negocios para que tú no tengas que hacerlo.”

Corrales Institute for New Education Newsletter: “Updates and announcements”

crackpipe philosophy: “post-centrist ramblings and ‘theory’“

The Crumb Dungeon: “This blog is mostly intended as a place to store my writings about things that have nothing to do with my philosophical work.”

Dan’s Newsletter: “First Principles Philosophy, Business, Thinking & Culture”

Daryl’s Repository of Thoughts on Politics & Culture: “Politics, Law, Philosophy, Religion, Social and Cultural issues, Economics, and occasionally Pop Culture.”

Decolonizing Hispaniola by In Cultured Company: “WE BUILD BRIDGES WHERE OTHERS HAVE BUILT BARRIERS.”

Destapando los negocios del futuro: “Publicación semanal sobre nuevas ideas de inversión. Comunidad privada en Slack.”

Digestão Semanal: “Newsletter > spammar amigos com links todos os dias.”

Dragos’s Newsletter: “Meaningful businesses, balanced lifestyle.”

The Edge Report: “Find analysis on Los Alamitos racing you won't get anywhere else.”

The EKG Guy: “ECG education and innovation”

El maravilloso drama de la vida cotidiana: “El maravilloso drama de la vida cotidiana”

El Newsletter de EVEN: “Escribimos los acontecimientos más relevantes para nuestra comunidad de runners, triatletas, ciclistas y fans del fitness en la semana en curso.”

enthymemorphosis: “philosophy, continental or otherwise”

Essays: “Politics, Philosophy, Economics, History, Current Events”

Fesshole: “The best fessholes - once a week”

FlipHealth: “How can you lose weight and live a healthy life.”

The Foundation: “Life, mental health, Disney parks, loss, travel and what to learn from all of it.”

Fran’s Newsletter: “Últimas noticias sobre Apple, apps y los mejores atajos.”

Frantic Scribbles & Senseless Ramblings: “A look at the projects I'm working on, my thoughts about process and writing and the things I'm consuming.”

Fulgere, por Carlos Gutiérrez: “Tú tambien puedes (debes) brillar.”

Geogram: “XR Humans is a global community of marketers, planners, and sales professionals who are passionate about AR VR and Digital Twins. We share a common belief - that by integrating the digital and physical worlds, we can solve significant human problems.”

Gideon's Substack: “A few well-chosen posts 'gainst all the hosts of Midian”

Good Living Lowdown: “All the good San Carlos scoop. Sporadic updates and news. Email to be featured.”


The same size as the Pokédex for the Kanto region!


You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 for more March newsletters, and previous Sub Pub posts for other newsletters from late January through mid-March.