Will You Subscribe to Dominic Cummings' Substack?

Dominic Cummings has a Substack.

Some people outside the UK – or who don’t get news from, say, the BBC – are shrugging.1 I believe almost everyone in the UK has heard of Dominic Cummings.

For the American audience,2 picture a combination of the top Republican political consultant3 and Donald Trump’s lawyer-turned-enemy Michael Cohen.

Cummings had significant responsibility for the Conservative Party’s recent election successes. He was a top adviser to Boris Johnson until recently. He garnered notoriety for seemingly breaking lockdown rules that he had helped create. He left the government several months ago, and has now started to “tell all” about his political and governmental experiences.4

Or he might tell all (or a lot) if you get a paid subscription to his Substack newsletter. He says he will tell some things, such as about the covid crisis, for free. He is also available for consulting etc.

As you might imagine, Cummings’ Substack has attracted attention in Britain. But will it attract subscribers? And will it create legal issues?

I invite you to comment on Dominic Cummings’ Substack and on whether you’d be interested in newsletters by other current or former political/governmental figures.

I’m too tired to give a brilliant answer, because I’ve been adding so many Twitter accounts to the list of Substackers!5 650+ at last count. If you’d like to add your Twitter account, please comment on the list post or email me.

In case you were wondering, I’ve already added Dominic Cummings’ account to the list.

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I’m an American. But I also listen to British political podcasts. It’s been my unusual hobby ever since the Brexit referendum.


I’m not qualified to advise for other audiences. See note 1 above.


Brad Parscale and Steve Bannon played these roles at one point for Donald Trump. Karl Rove was the equivalent for George W. Bush.


The Wikipedia article on Dominic Cummings has extensive information about his career.


If I can’t earn your subscription through years of political consulting, I can earn it through efforts such as this Twitter list. 😊