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Why Are We Here?By β€œhere,” I mean both on Substack and in the world in general.
Newsletter platform also cancels J.K. Rowling, deletes controversial April Fools Day post
Substack as LinkedInHave you used Substack for purposes similar to how you might use LinkedIn?
Plus help for the Substack app in general
Your Reaction to the Substack AppDoes the app change anything for you as a Substack publisher or subscriber? πŸ€”
Your Advice About Paid SubscribersWhat advice do you have for newsletter creators seeking paid subscribers? πŸ€”
A list of newsletters started since the invasion began
Your results may vary.
Newsletters with posts about the invasion, whose creators have connections to Ukraine or Russia
It’s about 24 hours since Russia invaded Ukraine. As you can imagine, many Substack newsletters published posts about the first day of the invasion…
Russia's Invasion of Ukraine – Your ReactionIn general, I try to keep my newsletter on topic (about Substack, newsletters, and people interacting with them). I’d planned to write a follow-…